First show

I am so fucking stoked to do this thing. Tonight is the night.
Sunday August 9, 2009
@ The Moon Bar
2911 West Berry, Fort Worth, TX
10p. with the cut*off and Astronomers.

I suppose I can use this area to explain the origins of this zany idea.... So, in 2004 I was living with my best friend in a surburban apartmen. I was sitting naked in the dining room, with the computer, downloading music. I searched "Weezer" and found a folder called "Unmastered Fifth Album." I clicked. Then I heard a car door slam outside and I saw my roommate coming for the door. I made a white, flabby dash for the bedroom and tripped, hit my head, and made a rugburn the size of a dog's belly. And that's it. I have been listening to these 23 songs, wanting to hear them, and lightly learning them over the last 5 years..... to be continued....


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